Welcome to IMC Academy


The IMC Academy was established to create unique opportunities for the hospital's staff and other parties interested in developing their skills and attributes and in advancing their careers.


Become one of the regional healthcare training gateways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the year 2020.


• Competency.
• Ambition.
• Responsibility.
• Excellence.


• To become a leading healthcare education provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the areas of healthcare provision and management for healthcare providers and those in other related professions.
• To develop unique strategies to deliver high-quality healthcare education.
• To increase employee productivity, participants creativity, and life-long learning.
• Our objectives will be accomplished by topping the competition in the use of technology and through inviting world renowned professors, speakers, and institutions.

About the Academy

Patient needs are steadily changing as our population educational attainment levels, technology and professional roles are changing. However, the IMC Academy aims to help healthcare professionals grow and secure their future; as well as to support their lifelong career and learning goals, and to be the education solution provider for healthcare professionals. Our objective is for our students to reach their professional development goals through various educational programs.

Why the Academy?

• A High level of customer satisfaction is proven by survey analysis of participants.
• We focus on providing new techniques in delivering knowledge and skills to ensure that the progress pursued is achieved.
• Our trainers and consultants have significant real-world experience.
• Our trainers are able to expose our students to real-world cases and experiences.
• Our course materials and manuals are included as part-and-parcel of the training; in order to induce learning and advancement.
• Our philosophy toward healthcare education is to deliver evidence-based education that enhances the knowledge and standards of clinical practice to improve patient care outcomes.
• We are recognized as an innovator in the development of specialized programs; with the recognition of being a leader in medical professional development programs in the region.
• We hold recognized accreditations from Saudi Commission of Health Care Specialties and the Saudi Heart Association.