Research Unit


Our mission is to establish a world-class research institution where outstanding researchers work to develop new knowledge for the betterment of the health outcomes of our local and extended communities. Our mission is to ensure that all researches in our institution are conducted ethically and in compliance with Islamic laws, International regulations, and institutional policies.


Establish an Environment where Researchers and Clinicians can effectively work together within and across Organizational boundaries. Promote Research goals at the highest level. Implement Research Governance that facilitates the strategic development of Research at the International Medical Center.

Core Values

To respect and uphold the rights and dignity of patients. To uphold integrity, accountability and transparency. To uphold teamwork at all times. To advance the institutional mission while supporting professional and personal growth.


Commitment to maintain a collaborative culture and modern, high-quality facilities. Commitment to provide the Infrastructure that supports Investigators in the design, initiation, conduct and publication of clinical studies using highly skilled personnel and state-of-art technologies.

Our goal is to:

1. Organize high quality, well-planned research methodology workshops and courses to meet research needs for IMC staff and other potential researchers in the region and use all previously and successfully tested strategies to raise research awareness and ethical conducts among researchers.
2. Implement the Clinical Research Coordinator Diploma in order to meet our commitment to the career development of young Saudis.
3. Participate in international industry-sponsored research projects that address health problems that are pertinent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
4. Strengthen international ties by capitalizing on the international collaborative efforts that are already well-established between the IMC and other international academic institutions.
5. Implement Business Intelligence (BI) framework to enhance an informed strategic decision making process.
6. Establish Contracted Research Organization (CRO).
7. Embark on drug-development research.